Rest easy knowing your loved one is cared for.

Few things in life are more challenging than caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. Just as there is nothing shameful about how they need help, there is nothing shameful about using the help that is available to you. Hudson Grande specializes in care for seniors with Alzheimer’s and memory loss, meaning that you are able to step back and start to be a daughter, son, or other loved one again, and not the primary caregiver.

Memory care is structured to offer an engaging and supportive environment with comfort and ease of navigation in mind. By focusing on dignity, quality of life, and independence, we strive to ensure all of our residents feel respected and cared for as they age, regardless of what stage of development they are at. We treat all residents like family.

Memory Care Apartments

Memory care at Hudson Grande strikes a balance between freedom, security, and privacy. Residents have their own apartments but are free to explore and utilize all other areas of the memory care neighborhood. Our apartments were designed with seniors in mind, ensuring simple and immediate access to all the necessities of life.

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Care Partners

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Strong relationships are the foundation of excellent memory care. With that in mind, we treat care partners and residents as a team – forming strong, personal bonds and fomenting trust. By interacting with the same set of residents consistently, we are able to focus on developing communication skills unique to each resident. This allows us to notice even the smallest change in behavior or temperment and provide the highest quality care.

We understand that one top-of-the-mind concern for most families is finding a secure but welcoming environment. The design of the memory care cottage focuses not just on comfort and ease of navigation, but on security. However, we never want residents to feel monitored, so we make every effort to integrate resident safety systems in discreet ways.


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Life Stations

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Specialized activity stations, called Life Stations™, are placed at strategic spots within our memory care cottage so our residents have many opportunities to engage with familiar and important aspects of life. Each station is intended to capture residents’ attention and promote a sense of purpose. Life boxes are also designed by our Care Partners, tailored for individual residents!

Because of the unique symptoms and behaviors caused by memory loss, it can seem like the only solution is to limit and restrict the senior’s activity. But at Hudson Grande we have the means to do the difficult tasks to get residents re-engaged with life.


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Specialized Dining

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The diet of a senior with Alzheimer’s or dementia can become difficult, to say the least. Appetite can plummet, which only leads to worsening of health problems and exacerbation of issues. That’s why a robust dining strategy is one of the core features of our memory care cottage. We implement a meal time that entices the appetite and provides enough selection so residents are always eating a meal that they are excited for and provides ample nourishment.

Alzheimer’s and other dementias can make once automatic grooming habits seem impossible. At Hudson Grande, we believe that residents should have the dignity we all take for granted – looking and feeling presentable. We make sure that residents receive grooming essentials such as combing and bathing, but we also provide scheduled trips to our salon so that they can be proud of how they present themselves.

Salon Services

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Advanced Training

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We don’t hire just anyone to work in our memory care neighborhood. Providing care for residents with dementia is a highly specialized skill – one that we develop with best courses in empathy, communication, and personal care. Our rigorous hiring and intensive training ensure that residents receive the best and most compassionate care possible.

Our memory care leadership is comprised of individuals who have made it their life’s work to care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. They have the knowledge, the training, and the experience to not only provide care, but to lead others in providing that care. It is vitally important when providing care to be equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and proven effective techniques, not to mention a drive to care for those in need. Our Memory Care leadership has the prerequisite tools, expertise, and heart to give attention that is second to none.

Memory Care Leadership

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